UX/UI · Web Design

Consumers expect the best, especially from their favorite brands. I was approached by Samsung to create an experience for owners of their new flagship device. A redesign of their global customization flow was also completed in tandem.

Character Driven

One of the core aspects of the owner's lounge was providing users with exclusive content from big names such as The Rock and Anna Farris. Each influential character came with their own set of videos, themes, and supporting content.

The Owner's Lounge

As work on the owner’s lounge began, there was a wide range of content and featured products that would be included. Separate landing pages were added to give users a dedicated space for their favorite content types, such as interviews, unboxings, and lifestyle showcases.

Featured products had interactive demos and walkthroughs available directly from the main landing page.

Additional page templates were created to enable the content team to release new features without needing to design from an empty canvas. Showcased below are the templates for editorial content.

Check This Out

With the release of the new device also came the need for a revamped customization flow. Efforts to create a more guided experience while also surfacing important information, such as carrier, trade-in availability, and product demos.