UI/UX · Product Design

Ziptility approached me to rethink the design system and strategy for their mobile app and web companion tool. Ziptility operates in a space dedicated to local state and city employees.

Jobs To Be Done

I designed a simple onboarding and first-time user experience (FTUE) focused on minimal time in the app and more time dedicated to getting work done. This was accomplished by rethinking several flows with the user's needs at the heart of the solution.

Detailed Insights

With all the different types of users inside the app, it was crucial to allow workers to find new work, identify it quickly, and take action. These were the guiding principles when designing several complimentary features that helped local state and city teams get jobs done quicker and more efficiently.

Web Companion

I worked with the Ziptilty team to develop an admin-esque desktop solution. The intent here was to give users, workers and admins alike, the ability t have a more detailed overview of the jobs to be done outside of the core use case found within the native mobile app.