Puzzle Peace

UX/UI · Product Design

As digital puzzles have gained popularity, Puzzle Peace has looked to enter the genre by introducing an app of their own. An experience driven by user customization and a minimal yet intuitive interface.

Step One

Drawing inspiration from other apps in the genre, there was room to deliver an experience that offered a fresh perspective.

A guided onboarding process complemented by custom image uploads to engage users on first-use. I worked with Puzzle Peace to incorporate a coin system to facilitate daily use and drive recurring revenue. Features such as difficulty, rewards, and background music contributed to an enjoyable, pleasant user experience.

Careful consideration was given to typography and contrast, especially with the addition of dark mode, ensuring that the details which make the application stand out are not lost in the process.

Larger Puzzles

With the more significant real estate on a tablet, we looked to offer an enhanced experience. Not only bigger images, but a unique layout for the build view all played a part in this experience. Unlike the mobile app, we were able to provide the user with much more space to navigate and interact with pieces.