Branding · Creative Direction

Companies have been seeking the perfect solution to better hiring globally. Enter Panther, an exciting new startup aimed at delivering just that — and the timing couldn't have been better. I collaborated with the founding team to create a stunning visual identity as they ramp up for their product launch.

Brand Development

As Panther worked towards building their core team, they required a set of standards to serve as the north star for all creative efforts. I delivered a robust set of Brand Guidelines to guide them across the various initiates they would embark on.

Living Color

Global hiring is an amazing feat to tackle, especially in today's global economy. Work on this scale is exciting and introduces a whole world of opportunity. I wanted Panther to stand apart and exude confidence wherever their brand might travel.

Beyond the core set of colors, the Brand Guidelines were set up to assist the team with accessibility and several other color usage guides.

Big Ideas

Although a young company, they have big ideas... even bigger aspirations. I worked with the team to explore the potential real world and digital ad solutions. It was an excellent opportunity to think bigger and work with the brand at scale.

Hello, Matt

A collection of print collateral was designed to assist the team as they venture out to be meeting with investors and potential clients.

Open Canvas

Time was invested in exploring additional visual styles and photo treatments. This will help equip the Panther team as they begin taking on more illustration and design tasks internally.