Pocket Prep

UX/UI · Branding · Illustration

Pocket Prep comprises of a suite of applications for studying on the go. I had the opportunity to work with them to reimagine their existing user experience and interface design, focusing on improving usability and bolstering their brand.


With several apps available across different studies, Pocket Prep looked to create a standardized onboarding experience. A robust search experience was designed to help users find the exam they needed. When a user unfamiliar with the exam name, a categorical search is made available.

I worked with the team at Pocket Prep to develop a feature set that complimented the various exam types and styles. Whether a quick sample exam with right and wrong labels or a mock exam — users can practice the way that suits them best.

Pocket Prep's previous app buried one of the most compelling use cases for the app — its personalized user history and statistics. Based on user testing, a detailed, data-driven dashboard was created and brought to the forefront of the app experience. Essential user-specific statistics with bright-colored graphs and numbers emphasize the user's improvement over time and breath life into the design.