Product Design (UX/UI) · Branding

Foiye is a new player in the real estate space — an industry that has evolved into the entertainment category over the last 10 years. I had the opportunity to work with them on their brand development and product design for their upcoming launch later this year (2020).

Getting Started

Part of developing the new identity included initial concepts for their streaming service and brand collateral. The designs for the streaming portion of the product were foundational to their investor pitch decks. Creating concepts that helped them better tell their story was crucial in the early stages of work.

In addition to the brand development and streaming concept, I worked with the founders on developing a 30-page pitch deck. This portion of the work continually evolved over 3 months as work on the core product progressed. A custom Keynote template was also designed to assist in the founder's efforts to update the deck regularly.

Search & Explore

A tailored approach to real estate is core to what sets Foiye apart. The ability to search and share customized results begins on the search page. The user is then guided through a profile creation flow where their favorites searches, listings, and a myriad of other content are showcased.

I also worked with Foiye to create a design system with the desired growth of the platform in mind. Components and brand elements all designed around the core needs of the initial product offering and beyond.